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A Glass Of Wine

A Glass Of Wine With Farah Kabir

. 1 min read . Written by By Rotation
A Glass Of Wine With Farah Kabir

Farah Kabir is the co-founder of Hanx and a registered chartered accountant. She began her career in investment banking before focusing her talents on building a considered sexual wellness brand that puts people first. She is smashing taboos around sex, pleasure and health, whilst empowering people to own their sexuality.

How to be confident when talking about sex to all kinds of people
Growing up in a conservative family, Farah knew it wasn't going to be easy to convince her relatives about her new business venture. She says "For me, the research and data we collected was an important factor, we saw that there was a growing demand for a more considered sexual wellness brand. Therefore, no matter what religion or culture you identify with - female health is still an important topic and shouldn't be off-limits."

On the importance of community
"An integral part of any successful business should be the ability to listen and communicate to your community" which is how the idea of The Naked Truths forum on the Hanx website came about. "It serves as a way of reacting to your community’s needs, understanding what your community is looking for - from packaging design to product development. Farah states "Bigger companies in this industry lack this level of transparency, and with Hanx we trying to move towards the right direction."

Favourite beauty products/brands?
@beautypie and @drunkelephant

Lockdown guilty pleasures?
Indian Matchmaking on Netflix!

One wardrobe you’d like to rent, dead/alive/fiction?
Olivia Palermo
Jennifer Lopez

Hanx has also recently launched a Mentorship Program for supporting the Black community. If you'd like to offer your help or sign up click here for more information and spread the word!