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A Glass Of Wine

A Glass Of Wine With Joanna Payne

. 2 min read . Written by By Rotation
A Glass Of Wine With Joanna Payne

Joanna is the Founder of Marguerite: the network for women who work in art, fashion, design and photography. We spoke to the founder about setting up her business in the art world, her work with Women for Women, Marguerite member success stories and her favorite artists.

How she started Marguerite
"I was working in the art world for seven years and working at Frieze Art at the time", but noticed that women artists weren't equal to their male counterparts in the industry, so she thought that creating a support system and network would massively help. It started like as small gatherings in her living room and 5 years laters has grown into a business that hosts 40 events a year!

Highlights since starting?
Someone emailed her saying she "met her best friend through Marguerite"!

How have things changed for your business since the pandemic?
After a series of virtual events, "we had plans to start doing big events again in September, but it didn't feel right when we started planning it", Joanna explained. "Instead we are having events next week which are really tiny, intimate dinners, breakfasts and lunches."

How will the art world change after the pandemic?
"I think the merry-go-round of art fairs, private views, parties and everything was a bit much before [...] I like to think that things will slow down a little bit."

Tips for someone starting as an artist?
"Making sure your work is being seen, so if you are able to curate shows with friends you've studied maybe, making sure you do have an active Instagram," Joanna explains. But most importantly "making sure your work is being seen by people you respect to write you reviews and networking of course."

If you could invite three artists dead or alive to a dinner party?

Louise Bourgeois, Juno Calipso, Fee Greening.

Who's wardrobe would you like to rent from?

If Marguerite was an outfit what would it be?
"The Ganni Seersucker dress, maybe with Teva sandals to make it more casual"