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A Glass Of Wine

A Glass Of Wine With Kim Darragon

. 2 min read . Written by By Rotation
A Glass Of Wine With Kim Darragon

We spoke to the marketing expert @kimdoesmarketing about female entrepreneurship, launching a biz in the UK as a foreigner and all things marketing of course. Here's a few key learnings from the live Q&A!

On going freelance
She launched her consultancy after 12 years of working in Marketing and when asked about making the leap she says she needed that time to become an expert in that field, “to network and meet people in the UK […] and across the world, as that really helps when you want to launch yourself” because you then have “the expertise, the big network and the confidence to do so."

Tips for BAME founders
“Don’t be shy about including your background story - your identity can be a selling point.” The time is right, people are listening so now is “your time to shine”.  

Top tips for your brand’s social media:

  • Don’t only jump on trends, but let your personality shine through your socials
  • Refine your audience, don’t be too generic or you “will talk to no one, so really define who you want to approach first”
  • “Be clear with your tone of voice and your personal branding online, because nowadays it’s the only thing that connects you with your customer”
  • Have a clear call to action - "Some people think they might be too pushy, but at the end of the day your page is your domain, you have the right, if you provide good content, to say 'check out my website' etc"

    Mistakes commonly made by brands:
  • "Don't forget to take a break from Instagram, get inspired and create a lot of marketing tactics beyond Instagram, because marketing is not only social media"
  • "Don't forget to give your email marketing and blog some love, because you can optimise your ranking on Google"

On the Importance of mailing lists

"It cost more to get a new customer, than it costs to convert a warm lead", and since people have signed up to your mailing list so "create a relationship with them beyond just scrolling your feed passively [...], with email if you captivate your audience and bring them valuable content that will really help them to convert."

Watch the full Q&A with Kim here: