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A Glass Of Wine

A Glass Of Wine With Tara Stewart

. 2 min read . Written by By Rotation
A Glass Of Wine With Tara Stewart

We spoke to the DJ, Podcast Host and Radio Presenter about outfit repeating on Instagram, her charity shopping hacks and what music will be getting her through lockdown vol.2! Here's a few of our key takeaways:

On how she first got into sustainable fashion:
Having grown up in a small town in Australia, she regularly visited her local charity shops or ‘opp’ (opportunity) shops as they call them down under. “I loved vintage and charity shopping because I just loved getting really unique clothes that lasted a long time and were of great quality.” After an accidentally sustainable upbringing, she eventually became more conscious of the downfalls of the fashion industry and found the beauty within truly sustainable and ethical clothes.

Does the music industry perpetuate fast fashion?
She believes the constant push for ‘new, new, new’ plus the huge collaborations that occur between musicians and fast fashion brands has certainly added to the need for fast fashion. “Musicians have an amazing voice and platform [...] so it would be good to see them use it (to make change) more within the fashion world.”

On turning down collaborations with fast fashion brands:
When opportunities came in, she thought “saying no was not an option, I need to progress in the industry”. But as someone who has always spoken up for what she believes in, once she learned of the harms of fast fashion, she declined several opportunities. She reminded herself “that’s who I am, and I shouldn’t give up being that person.”

Favourite vintage stores?
Depop (obviously!), @ninecrows, @dublinvintagefactory, Rokit Vintage and Wasteland Vintage. She loves finding unique pieces that she can upcycle and alter to her exact size.

Define your personal style?
“Everyday it depends, I’m either going for a 90s hip hop vibe, a 90s mom or an 80s mob wife [...] - everyday I’m a different person!”

Does your cultural background influence your style?
Definitely! She is inspired by both the vintage crewnecks and oversized shirts that her parents wore growing up and the sari’s and bright colours of her mum’s Indian heritage.

Most eye-opening episode of her podcast Dirty Laundry?
She loves every guest on her show, from Taz and Geraldine from The Useless Project and Anne Marie Tomchak from Glamour Magazine, but was especially inspired by Irish designer Richard Malone. When contemplating the question ‘do I forget my ethics and succeed now, or stay true to them and take a bit longer’, Malone’s passion for implementing real sustainable choices in his clothes is a true testament to living your life according to what you believe in.

Your playlist for lockdown 2?
Either Miley Cyrus & Stevie Nicks - Edge of Midnight remix, the Ariana Grande ‘Positions’ album or new The Weeknd music!

Whose wardrobe would you like to rent - dead, alive or fiction?
Either Aaliyah, a 90s Naomi Campbell or of course, Missy Elliot, her style icon!

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