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A Glass Of Wine

A Glass Of Wine With Zeena

. 2 min read . Written by By Rotation
A Glass Of Wine With Zeena

We spoke to the art director about her career as a print designer, how to make a rented home your own, finding your personal style and of course all things colour!

On wearing many hats
Zeena says she’s always been used to doing lots of different things at the same time “just to make ends meat” and it often feels like “the more you do the easier it gets”. She now works full time at a brand in Hackney and only really has “evenings and weekends to create content for Instagram”. Which if you follow her on Instagram, you'll know is amazing content!

Her favourite second-hand interior store?
"Ebay but go to the countryside as that’s where the good stuff is and it’s reasonably priced, whereas in London everything’s got a bit more of a markup.”

Interior decorating tips:

  • “Your space should be about you, the things you enjoy and the things you love”
  • Adding colour is a “really easy way to decorate a space without having to make a big investment”

On the #InstaRainbowChallenge
It was born at the beginning of lockdown “when everyone was putting rainbows in their windows" for the NHS and because she lived in a flat that isn’t street facing she was wondering how to participate and decided to create a style challenge!

On the #ColourMeUpMonday challenge
“Colour is absolutely amazing for boosting your mood - there is so much research on the benefits of colour”, so dressing up in something colourful is the best way to kickstart your Monday.  She often gets asked how to bring more colour into wardrobes, to which she replied that it all comes down to confidence! “If I can inspire someone to be a bit more confident in the way they feel and wear just a little more colour […] that is such a lovely thing to do for somebody”

On how she gets inspired and gets out of a creative block

  • Nature, “getting outside and just seeing the magic of colour in nature”
  • Stop overthinking it, it really takes the pressure away The best ideas you get when you least expect it

On finding your personal style
“A lot of it comes from as you get older, you get more confident, you care less about what people think, you don’t overthink what you’re going to wear that day and I think comfort is a really important thing."

Watch the full Q&A here: