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Brand Spotlight

Brand Spotlight: Virago Barcelona

. 2 min read . Written by By Rotation
Brand Spotlight: Virago Barcelona

Founded back in March 2020 by Inés Martin-Borregón and Laura Forcada, Virago Barcelona is an independent fashion brand based in Barcelona. With the desire to bring back glamour, glitz & bold colours, they pride themselves in creating timeless & feminine pieces that will turn heads when walking down the street. We spoke to Inés about the inspiration behind their designs & all time favourite moments since launching the brand.

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First thing you do in the morning?
Boot camp, shower, coffee. Then the day can start.

What inspired you to start Virago Barcelona?
Not finding enough bright colours in everyday wear. We had the desire to bring back glamour and glitz of earlier times and women’s desire to dress the way they feel on every occasion. We want every woman who wears Virago feel sexy & glamorous - make everyone turn their heads when you pass through.

Coolest thing that's happened since starting your business?
Being stopped on the street by someone, who asked if we are the founders of Virago Barcelona. It made us both feel super proud and as famous as Sarah Jessica Parker haahaha.

Virago Barcelona dress, UK8 from £9 @caliui

Biggest challenge since starting?
Definetly COVID! The brand was launched five days before lockdown hit in Spain.

Favourite items in your closet?
My Jacquemus knit mini dress and my first pair of designer shoes: Prada jacquard platforms.

Virago Barcelona dress, UK12 from £8 

Must follow Instagram accounts?
life through Jacquemus’ eyes is always better. Everything beautiful, love on the streets, strangers dancing, ducks swimming and the Seine and his lovely family. Always a favorite.

Hearted Items on By Rotation?
At the moment we don't have the By Rotation app available in Spain (hopefully soon), but I would love to rent Rixo & Amina Muaddi heels!

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