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Climate Activists To Follow

. 3 min read . Written by By Rotation
Climate Activists To Follow

As tomorrow marks World Environment Day we wanted to share our favourite climate activists to follow, so that we can keep having this important conversation, and push for system change together. We must further understand the connection between climate change and racism and bring diverse voices to the table to find solutions - it's the only way forward. As Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson so brilliantly put in her Washington Post article "I need you to understand that our racial inequality crisis is intertwined with our climate crisis. If we don’t work on both, we will succeed at neither."  

As always, if there are more voices you'd like us to include below, please message us and we will add them to this running list of changemakers.

Mikaela Loach

The med student and climate activist, Mikaela has been doing an incredible job at making the movement more inclusive. We urge everyone to check out her brilliant podcast on Patreon, called The Yikes Podcast.

Jamie Margolin

The Colombian-American activist is the author of 'Youth To Power' and founder of Zero Hour, an intersectional movement of youth activists fighting for a livable planet.

Aja Barber

Aja Barber is a writer and activist focused on sustainability, intersectional feminism and racism. Her radical honesty and informative posts are a refreshing site on social media, especially during a time where performance is at the order of the day!

Greta Thunberg

By now you are probably already familiar with the 16-year-old activist who first attracted attention by sitting in front of the Swedish parliament every Friday striking for the climate. Her action turned into a global movement called #FridaysForFuture

Isra Hirsi

Isra is is the 17-year-old co-founder of the US Youth Climate Strike, whose largest strike inspired 1.6 million students across 120 countries to skip school in order to demand action on climate change. Her mission? Diversifying the movement and demanding change from those in power.

Alice Aedy

Alice aims to tells humanistic stories behind gender inequality and climate change through her lens as a Photojournalist. With her Stories published on The Guardian and international publications, she is a leading voice in the movement. You can also check out her @framofmind account spotlighting female storytellers defining social issues of our time.

Tolmeia Gregory

Tolmeia, known as Tolly Dolly Posh, is a climate activist and sustainable fashion blogger who works closely with Extinction Rebellion. Ps. she is also responsible for some of the best sustainability Giffs we've all been using on Stories!

Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson

Marine biologist, Founder @OceanCollectiv who design solutions for a healthy ocean, grounded in social justice and @UrbanOceanLab, a think tank for coastal cities. She recently wrote an article for The Washington Post about how racism is slowing down climate activism, which we highly recommend reading.

Vanessa Nakate
Vanessa is a 23 year old Ugandan climate justice activist and founder of @amillionactiviststories and the Rise Up Movement.

Pattie Gonia
Drag queen Pattie Gonia promotes more inclusivity in the outdoors and regularly advocates for climate change and social justice through viral videos and posts.

Isaias @queerbrownvegan
Isaias is an eco educator who lives a vegan and zero waste lifestyle and shares incredibly informative posts on climate change and intersectional environmentalism.

Tori Tsui
Tori is a EurAsian Intersectional Climate Activist and Mental Health advocate.

Kevin J Patel
First-generation Indian American, Kevin is a climate activist and Executive director of @oneupaction.