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How Sharing Her Wardrobe With Others Changed Tabitha's Life

. 3 min read . Written by By Rotation
How Sharing Her Wardrobe With Others Changed Tabitha's Life

Meet Tabitha, also known as @felinemyrentals on the By Rotation app, a science teacher from Southampton and an avid Rotator. In 2018,  Tabitha was diagnosed with a brain and spinal cord condition, which meant that her life was turned upside down. During her time at hospitals and stuck at home, she discovered the By Rotation app and since then has not only been sharing her wardrobe with others, but also made life-lasting friends through the community.

We asked Tabitha to share the reasons why you should join the Rotating community & how it has changed her life.

Be a part of an amazing community

"My own By Rotation journey started after an unexpected diagnosis and long stints in hospital. After multiple surgeries and a new disability, I was medically retired from my teaching job and felt more isolated than ever, post pandemic. Whilst spending a lot of time at home, I came across the By Rotation app, and truly, it has changed my life forever!

The Rotator community is full of other like-minded lenders and through sharing my wardrobe with others,  I've made the most amazing group of friends online and IRL. This year I also attended my first ever London Fashion Week with the greatest friend I met through the app, @karenspencer."

Tabitha and Karen at London Fashion Week

Girl Math, duh

"Girl Math is trending all over social media at the moment and By Rotation is the perfect example of #GirlMath. Before using the app it was really hard for me to justify a purchase of clothing over £75, but now before I make any expensive purchase I consider its rental potential first. It’s a win-win, I get to curate my dream wardrobe and either earn the money back I paid for it or make a PROFIT!

For example, I had been eyeing up the Rixo Amina dress ...

It cost £265 to buy and I have listed it at £10 a day,
It has already been rented 3 times within just a month,
That’s £90 I have earnt back within just four weeks!

Tabitha wearing the Rixo Amina dress from her wardrobe

And it works in reverse too, I've been also eyeing up the Taller Marmo dress for a special occasion but don’t want to spend £800 on one item of your wardrobe. Rent it from a lender instead from just £45 a day. That’s no Girl Math, that’s real savings!"

Renter @buckle90 on borrowing from Tabitha's wardrobe

Curate your dream wardrobe

"I've always loved fashion, but being a plus sized woman from a young age my fashion aspirations couldn't come true, as unfortunately the fashion industry only recently has started to cater for plus-sized women. Now, I have access to over 80,000 items on the app a ranging up to size UK 28! Some of my favourites Lenders to rent outfits from on the app include: Saara @spinkie, Maria @thats_fab and Yetunde @yetudada!"

Head to the app to rent Tabitha's wardrobe now.