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How to care for your rentals & make your clothes last

. 3 min read . Written by By Rotation
How to care for your rentals & make your clothes last

Did you know? The world now consumes about 80 billion new pieces of clothing every year - this is 400% more than the amount we consumed just two decades ago (source: The True Cost). We have now reached the point where we need to reimagine everything about the fashion industry and the need for a circular economy is more prominent than ever.

This is why we have teamed up with BLANC - the UK’s number one aftercare specialist, offering eco-cleaning and alterations & repair services - to ensure that aftercare is not an afterthought! Without further ado, here is all you need to know, to start a fashion revolution from your laundry room…

What can you do from home? Here are 6 simple tips:

1. Wash at 30 and air dry
Keeping the temperature down not only stops your clothes from shrinking and wearing out quickly, but also saves money on the energy bill. The same goes for the dryer, too: opting for air or line dry is better for your clothes, planet and wallet!

2. Wear more, wash less!
Unless you’re working out, you shouldn’t need to wash your clothes after every wear. To maximise the number of wears between washing, it's a good idea to air your clothes out, brush the dirt off or steam the garment after use. This will save you energy, time and money - not to mention, extend the life of your precious clothes!

3. Say ‘Stop!’ to micro waste
When we clean our garments made of synthetic fabric, microplastics shed off our clothes and get washed into the oceans and rivers, damaging both the environment and wildlife. Use a GuppyFriend Bag when washing your clothes to avoid these.

4. Use eco-friendly cleaning products
Traditional laundry products can be damaging to the environment but also to our skin health, due to irritating chemicals. If you’re struggling with eczema or unexplained skin irritation, this could very well be your detergent and you can try solving the problem by switching to environmentally-friendly detergents.


5. Make the switch to eco cleaning
The dry cleaning industry traditionally uses a toxic solvent called PERC (Perchloroethylene) which is highly detrimental to the planet and our personal health. The alternatives are wet cleaning and liquid CO2 cleaning: these eco-cleaning methods have a far more effective outcome and are much less harmful to the environment. So, if some of your garments need some special attention, and a professional clean, this is the way to go!

6. Repair, mend, alter
A method that is easily forgotten about, but something that our grandparents’ generations got very right! A rip, tear or loose button does not mean that clothes have to head for the bin. Stitching up a hole or mending a button is very simple and effective, the positive environmental knock-on effect is huge (it can take up to 20,000 litres to make a pair of jeans from scratch). If you need something a bit more complex, specific or just feel a little clueless as to where to begin (we get it!), head to BLANC, who now are offering in-store tailoring appointments.

There you have it - how you can start a fashion revolution from home! If you have any items that need special care, we’re offering you 20% off BLANC’s eco-friendly cleaning and alterations services on their first visit - the perfect finishing touch to your sustainable wardrobe!