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How To Work With Your Best Friend

. 1 min read . Written by By Rotation
How To Work With Your Best Friend

Founders Tansy Aspinall & Victoria van Holthe founded London based earring-only jewellery brand Tada & Toy five years ago and have been friends since age 13 when they met in school. It didn't take long before they both found out they shared the dream of one day starting a jewellery brand! The name for the brand was inspired by their childhood too, as Tada is Tansy's nickname and Toy is Victoria's. The duo design quality jewellery aimed to be worn every day and stacked for a more statement look, you can event rent some of their special pieces on the app!

Ahead of World Friendship Day we asked the founders for their top tips on working together successfully and staying besties outside work too. Who ever said you can't mix business with pleasure?

1. Share the same long term goals so whatever happens in the short term you can drive the business towards that goal.

2. Make sure you are always open with each other even if it is a difficult subject.

3. Take time out of office life to go for lunch or have a drink to catch up on life outside of work.

4. Have fun and make sure you can always laugh at yourself and each other.

5. Celebrate the successes and support each other when things go wrong.

Check out the Tada & Toy earrings available to rent on the app here.