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I Rented A Dress For Every Wedding I Attended In 2023

. 3 min read . Written by By Rotation
I Rented A Dress For Every Wedding I Attended In 2023

Meet Rotator @chloebidos, who saved approximatly £4,700 by renting her wedding guest dresses instead of buying them new. From The Vampire's Wife to Rat & Boa, Chloe was point-blank the best dresses wedding guest.

We spoke to Chloe to find out her Top Tips when choosing to rent your wedding guest dress.

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“I love to wear something different to every occasion and I love to wear bold, statement pieces, but doing so was never sustainable. I would buy a high street dress, wear it once but by renting, I still spend the same amount of money, but I’m wearing brands and designers that I could never afford before." - Chloe Bidos-Davis.

  1. Try before you buy! 👗
    The beauty of renting some beautiful designer and premium brand pieces is that the sizing is always consistent across different garments (unlike some of the popular high street haunts). Always try to head in store and try something of a similar style from the same brand before committing to a piece. Especially for the more premium rentals like The Vampire’s Wife, you want to know it’ll fit.

2. If in doubt, size up! ✨
You can always make a dress that’s too big smaller, but there’s nothing worse that trying to squeeze into something that’s too small (not to mention that it actually makes you look bigger if you do)! Which leads me onto....

3. Safety pins are your friend (as long as the lender is happy). 💕
Sometimes it’s not possible to try a brand before you commit to a rental. If that’s the case, always have safety pins to hand - you’d be amazed at the difference a few safety pins at the seams can make.

4. Always have multiple options saved for an event. 🌟
I tend to do my rentals the week of the event, so I can have a better idea of the plan for the day, how I’m feeling, what others are wearing and crucially, the weather. This means your preferred option isn’t always available and lenders are sometimes away (here’s looking at you, NYE wedding!). By having 3 or 4 options for the same event, if something isn’t available, or the lender isn’t around to post it, there’s no panic choosing something else as you already have a back-up or two ready.

What is currently on your rental wish list?
This year I “only” have 5 weddings to attend but with a number of other birthdays, holidays and engagement parties (wedding season will be going well into 2025!) in the offing, I’m excited to try some of the cooler statement pieces. There’s an incredible Suits and Tutus embellished blazer dress that I have been waiting to rent for an occasion and I have a list of Missoni that’ll be perfect for summer holidays. Of course, I’m sure a couple of my saved Aje dresses will make an appearance for weddings later in the year too!

Rent Chloe's wishlist: Missoni, Oseree, Cult Gaia, Simkhai, Vanina, Mae Cassidy

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