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Inside The Shared Wardrobe of Nana, @StyledByNana

. 2 min read . Written by By Rotation
Inside The Shared Wardrobe of Nana, @StyledByNana

When it comes to dopamine dressing, Nana Acheampong, Fashion & Celebrity Stylist, has taken over our social media feeds by a storm. From vibrant patterned nails, to bold print combinations in her everyday outfits, she loves to have fun with her fashion! ‘The bolder the better is my general rule – because life is too short for boring clothes.’

Read more to get to know Nana and have a look inside her shared wardrobe.

What is one brand you’re most looking forward to trying via By Rotation for Spring/Summer?

The designer that I have on my radar right now and that I can’t wait to rent is definitely Christopher John Rodgers, I'm all about prints and colours, and he does it so well.

Your favourite piece from your By Rotation rental edit?

It’s so hard to choose one piece, as I love all of my dresses!  If I had to pick it would be the orange Aje dress. It's such a ‘wow’ moment dress.

Rent Nana's Aje dress

What are your top tips for the Wedding Guest season, what is your go-to look?

My top tip for the wedding season is to think about comfort! It is a really long day, and as stylish as you want to look make sure that whatever the outfit it is, it is comfortable and you can last all day and night in it.

What is one trend you’re avoiding this Spring?

It has to be ‘Peddle Pushers’! It is probably a micro trend but even then … I don't need to see them again, they were bad the first time round!

Your ride-or-die bag?

I have a lot of bags that I love, but it has to be my black Chanel flap bag. It is a real moment when you get to buy your first Chanel with your hard-earned cash, and I still love it today.

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Photography by Katt Webster