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Inside The Shared Wardrobe of Tatiana Alida

. 2 min read . Written by By Rotation
Inside The Shared Wardrobe of Tatiana Alida

Meet Tatiana Alida, the Artist and Designer of Alida Home with a distinct signature style for her bold prints and charismatic homeware pieces.

We visited Tatiana in her beautifully curated countryside cottage to take a look into her shared wardrobe and to gain home decor inspiration along the way.

Read more to get to know Tatiana and have a look inside her shared wardrobe.

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Where do you get inspiration from for your art?
Most of my inspiration comes from books, magazines, cutouts, Instagram, and collages. It isn’t one place in particular, I like to draw and create. I have a very signature style, and I use lots of quotes in my work. So, inspiration comes from anywhere. I would say my favourite quote is ‘Everything is hard before it is easy’.

How does your artwork reflect your personal style?
I love bright colours and things that are joyful! I like to think that my work is like that too - a little feminine.

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You’re not afraid of patterns and colour in your home interior, where do you start when decorating a room?
When I’m designing a room for myself, I like to think of colours that make me feel a certain way. For example, in my sitting room, I wanted it to feel calm, with bright but soft colours, I'd choose pink greens, turquoise, and feminine colours.

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Do you have any hidden brands/companies that you source interiors from?
I love an American brand called Chairish, they sell artwork and antiques alongside Glassette, which is similar, though it is a British brand, and my work is also sold there! I get so much from furniture charity shops, and antique and car boot sales, you have to be brave by adding new handles or spray painting a piece.

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