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Celebrating our Community this International Women's Day

. 5 min read . Written by By Rotation
Celebrating our Community this International Women's Day

At By Rotation, our community provides us with a constant source of motivation and ambition to change the world. Everyday, we are inspired by our inclusive, forward-thinking trail blazers paving the way across diverse industries and sectors, and who are united in their missions to change their fashion consumption habits for a better future.

This International Women's Day we are shining the light on just a handful of our inspiring rotators, who are visionaries in sport, design, journalism, technology and sustainability. We asked them about their careers, motivations and why they rotate their wardrobes.

Amy Hunt, @a.myhunt

Tell us about yourself…I’m Amy and I’m an elite sprinter for Great Britain as well as studying English at the University of Cambridge. I currently hold the 200m World U18 record as well as the British Junior Record. Most of my time is taken up by studying and training, but outside of this I enjoy reading and spending time with friends, whether this is just chatting or open water swimming.

How has being part of the Rotator Community impacted your life? It’s allowed me to wear some absolutely gorgeous dresses whilst connecting with a community of amazingly friendly people, all uniting in an effort against fast fashion and over consumption. The sense of friendship from this group of people is unbelievable, everyone is so warm and hopeful, and there is something so important in wearing beautiful items that make you feel beautiful.

If you were to write a tweet to your younger self, what would you say? 'You have all the skills that you need to thrive, be gentle with yourself and aim for the stars'

Who inspires you? My friends and family constantly inspire me day in and day out, their strength and resilience, their intelligence as well as their beauty are qualities I try to emulate. I’m inspired by women in sport who not only push themselves to the brink but also access their voice and make their thoughts heard within a world of masculine hegemony. athletes such as Naomi Osaka and Allyson Felix lift all of us up through their tireless pursuit of freedoms.

Bel Merid, @belmerid

Tell us about yourself…Hello, I’m Bel! I manage top creators across verticals such as food, lifestyle and wellness at Instagram. That sweet spot between social media, culture and tech is where you’ll find me; or eating my way through London’s food scene!

How has being part of the Rotator Community impacted your life? Being part of the Rotator community is pretty special. It’s been a really useful starting point for making more sustainable changes to my lifestyle whilst still ensuring I’m looking my best for life’s biggest moments and not compromising on quality!

If you were to write a tweet to your younger self, what would you say? ‘Your inability to do things half heartedly is your superpower! So keep moving purposefully, boldly and bravely through life, it pays off!’

Who inspires you? I am very grateful that I have always been surrounded by people who inspire me but my recurring inspiration or the story I keep going back to has always been the biblical story of Esther. I don’t want to give any spoilers but she was pretty badass as she stayed true to herself and her values no matter the situation - and my oh my was she tested! It’s easy to feel helpless or out of your depth in life but it’s a reminder to have faith and double down on that little influence that you do have!

Sara Brown, @sarabrowndesign

Tell us about yourself…I’m Sara Brown, a colour loving, plus size influencer, designer and brand consultant. You’ll usually find me making something, whether that be a product for my brand Dolly Rocket or a vintage up-cycled piece so I can achieve my size.

How has being part of the Rotator Community impacted your life? I have met some lovely people and friends through the rotator community. It’s especially exciting as a plus size person to find friends that I can swap clothes with, all renting from each other.

If you were to write a tweet to your younger self, what would you say? ‘Good friends set your soul on fire, don’t settle for friends that make you question if you’re good enough’

Who inspires you? The amazing bunch of Margate creatives I call my friends. I’ve been so lucky to meet so many amazing designers, freelancers and business owners since moving to Kent. This encouraging, colourful and queer friendly community makes me so excited and happy! When it comes to styling inspiration I look to Marianne Theodorsen, Kerry Lockwood and Pernille Rosenkilde.

Bianca Foley, @biancaffoley

Tell us about yourself...I’m Bianca, 35, from London and a podcaster, presenter and the host of the podcast Sustainably Influenced.

How has being part of the rotator community impacted your life? Sustainability is incredibly important to me and I love being part of a really engaged community like By Rotation. Sharing my wardrobe means that my clothing isn’t just sitting there. It has been so nice to be able to make friends as well as a little extra money!

If you were to write a tweet to your younger self, what would you say?  'Stop holding yourself back and believe in your own sauce'

Who inspires you? I take a little inspiration from everyone around me.  I have a great group of people who inspire and lift me up.

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