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Meet the 2024 #BRCircle Ambassadors!

. 5 min read . Written by By Rotation
Meet the 2024 #BRCircle Ambassadors!

We’re thrilled to introduce the 2024 #BRCircle Ambassadors! After receiving an incredible amount of applications from Rotators all across the UK, we’re excited for you to meet our new ambassadors that will represent our forward-thinking and vibrant community of Rotators.

From an entrepreneur, midwife, teacher, actress to an art connoisseur, meet all the inspiring Rotators, who all share the love for sustainable fashion and hear their stories below.

Karen, @karenanna_s
"I’m a fashion, loving mum to twins who absolutely loves By Rotation. I started on the app nearly 3 years ago and have never looked back from the rental world. In my day job I’m the CEO of a Further Education College!"

Cecily, @oohceciliaa
"I'm a makeup artist turned NHS Midwife and adore my job, but I also adore dressing up in a frilly frock."

Omaima, @omaimaelhaouass
"I'm a Modest Fashion content creator, founder and creative designer of @offduty.cut and a mother of 2. Previous fast fashion addict but slowly transitioning to slow fashion with the amazing help of rental fashion, which I’m totally IN for."

Furnaz, @furn.rental
"I'm an Assistant Principal from London. By Rotation is the best example of the sharing community in action for me! I’ve had such great conversations with other women within BR community, which have really widened my fashion horizons and helped me be more sustainable in my choices."

Destiny, @destinyjoelivia
"I work in women's health and I'm also a content creator sharing all things cosy and slow living. My favourite memory from the app is when a Rotator had a public speaking debut and rented my jacket for it. I threw in a pre-show self care package for her! She smashed it & sent me a thank you gift back! It's the little things but knowing I could be there for her as a stranger was perfectly wholesome."

Nina, @bee_nina_
"I work in fashion & I'm really passionate about sustainable fashion! I came across the idea of renting when reading ‘How to Break Up With Fast Fashion’ back in 2020 & I’ve never looked back. "

Ella Calcascola, @ellacalcascola
"My favourite memory so far was getting engaged in a rented dress! It really was one of the most special moments of my life, and I loved how excited the girl who's dress I rented was for me (even though she didn't know me). Then going on to rent multiple other bridal outfits!"

Tabitha Wilcox, @felinemyrentals
"I'm wife, mum, scientist and plus size fashion girl from Southampton. I joined the app after recovering from seven brain and spinal cord surgeries. Now two years on, I’m still not well enough to be back in the classroom but have established myself as an online tutor to children that for differing reasons cannot access a traditional school setting. This ranges from disabled or medically ill students, to those with social, emotional & mental health diagnosis and those with special educational needs. It has become such a fulfilling part of my life!"

Rubie Drake, @rubiedrake
"I have been renting my clothes for one year (to the very day) and absolutely have loved every second. I work in fashion and home trade shows and fit all of my rentals around that!"

Anna Bunney-Evans, @annabunney
"I work for a whale & dolphin conservation charity where I lead our conservation education programme, and am on board a cruise ship researching where whale hotspots are in the Southern Ocean so that we can protect them for the future. Now onto my other obsession - By Rotation! And more widely, sustainable fashion. I’m aware of the devastating impact of fast fashion on the environment, so almost exclusively shop second hand or rent. I’m conscious about the brands I wear, always hoping to spread a sustainable message."

Matthew D’Arcy, @matthewdarcyy
"I’m 23 years old and from Scotland. I create fashion content and 50% of my wardrobe featured on my socials is rented! I’m a huge fan of the brand."

Natasha Fearon-Smith, @_natasha.fs
"Renting is a great way to explore and experiment with your style with a much smaller impact on the environment than buying new. It’s also a great tool to have if you’re going through transitions. Renting has been so empowering for me and has really helped me feel stylish and like myself again while going through pregnancy and postpartum!"

Anya Zraykat, @a_n_y_a
"I am an actor, producer and arts professional. Since joining the rotator community I’ve discovered new brands and designers, and a lot of my clothes have gained a new life travelling to weddings, events, birthdays - bringing joy to other rotators!"

Sarah Almond, @sarahinthecityyy
"It’s been two years now since I started renting and I am so proud to have rented to hundreds of girls both in and out of the fashion industry. We were all able to create these beautiful memories in beautiful outfits and it puts such a smile on my face."

Maya Pillay, @maya.pillay
"I’m an actor and co-founder of a charity, Books from Herbie - providing racially inclusive books to primary schools around the UK. I’m a lover of travel, good wine and gorgeous clothes."

Sarah Cant, @sarah_cant
"By Rotation is such a fantastic platform and fab way for people to make money, look fabulous and feel good about their purchases."

Head to the By Rotation app to follow all the ambassadors & rent their wardrobes now.