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Meet the #BRCircle: Alra

. 2 min read . Written by By Rotation
Meet the #BRCircle: Alra

Meet Alra, a 26 year old anthropologist with love for all things fashion, arts & flowers. We spoke to the masters student about her all time favourite rentals, her style inspiration & favourite brands to rent on the app.

Tell us about yourself...
I'm a 26 years old Filipina-British. An anthropologist by training and heart, I am interested in anything human and “social”. My approach to fashion mirrors my approach to life - I do things that makes sense to me! My dream wardrobe can be anything from monochromatic basics to clothes with some juicy jungle rhythm to it. Aesthetic lies in the eyes of the beholder and when you decide that it’s you, then the clothes you wear will communicate that - the rest are just spectators.

Armani Blazer from £8

How would you describe your style?
Classic with quirky twist

What are your all-time favourite brands?
Jacquemus, Fendi, Gucci & Innika Choo

Innika Choo dress from £10

Dream wardrobe to rent?
Yan Yan Chan at home
Babba at work
Tatiana Hambro at parties

Your By Rotation app favourite profiles to follow?
Really love Andrea Holmboe’s eclectic mix and Camii monochromatic style!

Top piece of advice for someone new to rental?
Explore and embrace the community! The clothes you wear is more than just fashion, it’s your identity. Follow or unfollow trends, there will always be a community for you in the fashion rental world

Dolce & Gabbana floral set from £7

What's been your favourite rental so far?
I will be renting Eshita’s yellow Vampire’s Wife dress next week. Next one on the list is the iconic pink Regina Pyo dress (I honestly think that BR made this dress very popular & is also synonymous to the brand!)  

Follow Alra on the app here