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Meet the #BRCircle: Bianca

. 2 min read . Written by By Rotation
Meet the #BRCircle: Bianca

Introducing Bianca, our By Rotation ambassador who wears many hats. A sustainability content creator, a consultant and a Podcaster! If you're struggling to find sustainable fashion options, Bianca has a wardrobe on the app full of fashion conscious brands, such as Lily & Lionel, Tach Clothing and Reformation, all available to rent! We spoke to Bianca about her favourite brands, why she loves to lend and her top accounts to follow on By Rotation.

Bianca in a rotated Lirika Matoshi dress

Tell us a little bit about yourself
Hi I’m Bianca, I’m 35, based in south London. I’m a sustainability content creator, consultant and Podcaster, I also have a monthly column with Eliza!

How do you enjoy spending your free time?
I’ve definitely become a homebody as a result of the pandemic, so I love to hang out with my pets (3 dogs and a cat) as well as my partner in my free time!

How did you come across By Rotation?
I came across it a few years ago as I was really interested in the sustainability side of everything to do with rental!

Bianca in a rotated Daily Sleeper Set

If you could describe your style in 3 words...
Colourful, fun and functional

What are your all time favourite brands?
I have loved Kitri since they launched 5 years ago! One of my most rented pieces is a pink Kitri dress which is available to rent now on the app! I also love Lily and Lionel, a luxury, slow fashion brand which creates incredibly wearable dresses in a handful of new prints each season.

What's your favourite thing about lending on the app?
The community is a big deal for me! I have made some great pals through renting on the app and it has been nice to connect with others who love fashion!

Bianca in a rotated Reformation dress

Top 3 accounts to follow on By Rotation?
@cathy @natashafs and @freyadjhc

What has been your favourite rental so far?
I rented this Miscreants dress for my birthday at the start of July! It was such a fun piece to wear!

What are you lusting after on the app right now?
A few pieces, including this Alemais one and a Leslie Amon dress! I have a few weddings abroad to attend this month so I’m looking for a few pieces to wear for them too!

Bianca in a rotated Staud dress

Click here to rent Bianca's incredible wardrobe!