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Meet the #BRCircle: Lana

. 2 min read . Written by By Rotation
Meet the #BRCircle: Lana

Meet Lana, the Styling Team Leader at Harvey Nichols with a self-confessed obsession for pastels and prints. We spoke to Lana about her favourite brands, what her dream wardrobe would look like & her top tips for first-time rotators!

Peachy Den jumpsuit from £8

Tell us about yourself...
I’m a fashion stylist for Harvey Nichols (currently covering as styling manager) and then I work on editorials in my own time!

How would you describe your style?
Colourful, Happy. 🧚🏼‍♀️ 💘

What are your all-time favourite brands?
Ganni, Rixo, Rotate, Stine Goya, Casablanca & Prada.

RIXO dress from £12

Dream wardrobe to rent?
My dream wardrobe would be very rainbow 🌈  Brands like daily sleeper, Saks Potts, Rixo, Olivia Rubin, Ganni, Rotate (all the prints and colours!!!).

Your By Rotation app favourite profiles to follow?
My fave wardrobes at the moment are @gisa and @saragleeson.

Daily Sleeper pyjama set from £10

Top piece of advice for someone new to rental?
My top tip to give to someone new to fashion rental would be to experiment! Renting is perfect because you can try out trends without spending so many £££ on it and not liking it! Also I think we’re all guilty of buying something and only wearing it once this is a lot more guilt free. 😇 💗

What has been your favourite rental so far?
My favourite rental was the pink Daily Sleeper set I wore for my birthday (if it was acceptable to wear everyday I would lolll). 💗

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