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Meet The Rotators: Nana Agyemang

. 2 min read . Written by By Rotation
Meet The Rotators: Nana Agyemang

Meet @itsreallynana, the Founder & CEO of @everystylishgirl, a media company focused on the advancement of women in fashion, business and beauty. With a passion for storytelling, Nana looks to help other women succeed and thrive.

If you're a fan of Cult Gaia this the wardrobe to not miss, Nana's incredible collection of new season and archival Cult Gaia is perfect for the upcoming summer season!

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What is one thing your friends steal from your wardrobe?‌‌
My friend's steal everthing from my wardrobe, but I'd say my bags mostly!

What is one playlist you listen to on repeat?‌‌
Anything by Brent Faiyaz.

What is one thing that is always on your nightstand?‌‌
A candle.

If you could rent anyone’s wardobe who’s would it be?‌‌
I love Sandra Shehab so it would have to be her!

What is your go-to perfume?
‌‌Les Sables Roses Louis Vuitton.

Rent Nana’s Cult Gaia Dress & Kilentar Dress

What would your perfect quiet weekend plans look like?
Watching Abbott Elementary or going for a spa weekend.

What’s your go-to takeout order?‌‌
Pad See Ew, Thai tea, and spring rolls!

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