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Meet the Rotators: Olga Yanul

. 2 min read . Written by By Rotation
Meet the Rotators: Olga Yanul

Meet Olga Yanul, a LA-based fashion director, creative consultant and creator. From L’Officiel to Vogue, Olga started her career in fashion magazines more than 15 years ago where she began establishing her look as a content creator! She now documents her incredible style journey through her Instagram and works on variety of projects within the fashion industry.

Get to know her and scroll to discover Olga's ultimate West Coast wardrobe you can rent on the app!

Where are you most likely to be on a Friday night?
Having dinner at home or a good restaurant nearby! 🥗

What is one playlist you have on repeat?
Anything James Blake

Your go-to fragrance?
My all time favourite would have to be Boy by Chanel!

What is always on your nightstand?
A glass of water is my go-to!

If you were able to rent anyone wardrobe whose would it be?
Tilda Swinton 💖

What's on your rental wishlist?
I love anything vintage but my favourite finds are always from Mugler, Chanel and YSL

What are your perfect weekend plans?
Gardening with my baby girl

What’s on your go to take out order?
It would be Cesar salad, no dressing, no meat.

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