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Meet the Rotators: Madhulika

. 2 min read . Written by By Rotation
Meet the Rotators: Madhulika

Inside the wardrobe of Indian model Madhulika Sharma, from vintage gems to the latest Anna Sui & De La Vali pieces. Madhulika can do it all, from the glossies of Vogue and Elle, global Reformation billboards to modelling in the latest Skims campaign, she’s also a philanthropist and a movie star in the making.

We spoke to Madhulika to find out more about why she’s decided to list her wardrobe on the app, and to have a peek inside her rental wish list.

Rent Madhulika's wardrobe on the By Rotation app.

Tell us about yourself...
I'm a model, writer, musician and film student!

If you could describe your style in 3 words:
Classic, Playful, Effortless

What do you love about By Rotation?
Seeing varied style sensibilities. Keeps me feeling inspired.

Quick fire round questions!

Kiss, Marry & Kill: Fashion Trends Edition?
Kiss - The 2000s,
Marry - Oversized Clothing,
Avoid - Polyester Fabrics.

Mdhulika in a rented Georgia Hardinge Top from the app. 

Your dream holiday destination?

What's your star sign?
Sagittarius ♐

What are you currently loving?
Wild ramps, summer truffles, Godspeed by Frank Ocean and Pedal Pushers!

What's in your BR saved folder?
LVIR dress for the Opera, Ronny Kobo zebra dress for my Bahamas holiday and a Khaite tartan top for my current farm-girl era!

Download the By Rotation app now & rent Madhulika's wardrobe.