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Meet the Rotators: Ness

. 2 min read . Written by By Rotation
Meet the Rotators: Ness

Have you ever wondered what a real New Yorker’s wardrobe looks like? You’re in luck, meet Ness Isabella, a fashion stylist based in New York and founder of Nünü Vintage, with the most incredible collection of pieces, from Louisa Ballou to Johanna Ortiz (it’s giving Carrie Bradshaw!) all available to rent on the By Rotation app.

Meet Ness, have a peek inside her wardrobe and get to know what she’s currently loving.

Tell us about yourself...
I am based in NYC. I am the owner of Nünü Vintage as well as a fashion stylist!

If you could describe your style in 3 words:
Classic, Playful, Effortless

What do you love about By Rotation?
I love being able to rent pieces from wardrobes of other stylish women and not having to commit to purchasing. It helps save time, money, closet space and the planet!

Quick fire round questions!

Kiss, Marry & Kill: Fashion Trends Edition?
Kiss - Cropped, oversized leather jackets.
Marry - Bold colors.
Kill - Ugly sneakers.


Your dream holiday destination?
A trip through Japan.

What's your star sign?
Capricorn ♑

What are you currently loving?
Vintage shopping (always!), cooking new recipes, pilates, helping my girlfriends plan their weddings since I just went through one myself!

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