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Rent Fashion Mumblr's, Josie Fear's Wardrobe

. 3 min read . Written by By Rotation
Rent Fashion Mumblr's, Josie Fear's Wardrobe

You might have already had a peek inside Josie's idyllic countryside day to day life, whilst watching one of her weekly vlogs on her Youtube channel, Fashion Mumblr.

We caught up with Josie, shortly after we 'staycationed' at the #ByRotationRetreat in Bath (have a sneak peek of what we got up to) & discussed all things her personal style, her favourite fashion trends & travel destinations on her bucket list.

From Needle & Thread to Zimmermann & Self Portrait - Josie's wardrobe is now available to rent on the By Rotation app.

Josie is wearing a Needle & Thread dress, available to rent on the app

If you had to describe your style in 3 words …
I’d describe my style as feminine, elegant and timeless!

Why are you lending out these beautiful pieces?
As part of my job as a content creator I'm fortunate enough to work with lots of wonderful fashion brands and often shoot incredible dresses in fabulous locations so my wardrobe was full of the most gorgeous dresses - but living out in the beautiful countryside I just don’t have places to wear them to as much as I’d like!!

It pains me to think they’re sat in my wardrobe when they’re such gorgeous design, and I have always loved lending dresses to friends and family for their special events, I get such a happy glow seeing someone else love them, feel wonderful in them, and make their own memories in the beautiful pieces. Many of the dresses such as the Needle & Thread gowns are so beautiful and intricate with hand stitched embellishment and it is so incredible to me to know that girls and women can get to wear these fabulous pieces without having to spend hundreds or thousands of pounds - I LOVE that so many more people will get to experience these designs and how fabulous they make you look and feel.

What is your all time favourite fashion trend?
I love it when classic styles come into trend! Such as camel coats or midi length skirts - this means that most of my wardrobe is on trend haha! But I have loved the voluminous sleeve trend we’ve seen over the last few years too - it’s surprisingly wearable!

Anywhere you’re desperate to travel if you could?
My dream destination is a place called Raja Ampat - which translates to The Last Paradise. It’s unspoilt, very hard to reach, has incredible corals and unspoilt beaches and to me it looks like heaven.

If you could rent anyone’s wardrobe, whose would it be?
I’d have to say Oscar De La Renta (Oscar Aristides Renta Fiallo!) because his designs are my absolute DREAM. Such drama - and I can only imagine how incredible you’d feel wearing his exquisite gowns!

Discover Josie's wardrobe on the app now, click here to rent it next!