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The Top 5 Rentals of 2023

. 4 min read . Written by By Rotation
The Top 5 Rentals of 2023

As 2023 has come to an end, it's time to look back on the rentals that defined the year! ✨

From Hailey Bieber reviving the colour red to the rise of the bow trend, our shared wardrobe has become 'chicer' than ever! Let's reflect on this year's most popular rentals and hear from the lenders that own them.

Scroll to see 2023's top trending dresses and head to the app to rent them next. ♻️

 No.1: Rat & Boa, The Lucille Dress

Coming in at number one, Rat & Boa's Lucille dress was rented the most across the app in 2023, available to rent from just £9 a day. Our Top Lender @karenanna completed 32 rental's of the dress alone, it really was the dress of the summer! ✨

Top tip for making your listing stand out?
"Try to choose a photo that captures the dress in a moment - something to catch the eye and make people think, “ooh I’d like to wear it like that!” - something they can aspire to." - Karen

No.2: Réalisation Par, The Gia Havana Dress

Réalisation Par's Gia Havana dress also took the By Rotation app by storm in 2023, from chic holidays to wedding guest rentals. Who didn't rent this dress?

Why do you think it’s a Rotator favourite?
"It’s such a clever design - bias cut, suits any figure, it can be modest but also sexy. The red print adds a perfect pop of colour for any occasion." - Karen 🌹

No.3: Georgia Hardinge, The Fossil Dress

Georgia Hardinge's Fossil Dress claimed the Black-Tie rental award of the year, whilst only being rented for £18/day. Top Lender @anyazraykat received 15 rental's for the item alone with Rotator's loving it for the Black-Tie wedding season!

Why do you think it’s a Rotator favourite?
"It’s a phenomenal dress for any occasion where you would like to shine (quite literally) - the gold colour is stunning and photographs really well. It also has a very original sculptural shape to it which is very flattering and makes one look like a queen! My mom nicknamed this dress “The Cleopatra”" - Anya Zraykat

No.4: Rat & Boa, Odessa Green

Rat & Boa's Odessa dress in the virbant colour green was also a hit for wedding season. Top Lender @dinaaa had her listing on a constant rotation, with the dress being super versatile it was rented all throughout the year.

What’s the memorable rental that comes to mind for this item?
"The colour stands out, it’s always out of stock on the website which means people will always want it. I think the colour, paired with the pattern and the cut is just perfect and unique. I’ve seen women rent it for murder mystery parties, 50th birthdays as well as weddings and events so it’s super versatile." - Dina M

No.5: Lirika Matoshi, Heart Dress

Lirika Matoshi's corset heart dress was also a new Rotator favourite in 2023 from just £16/day! Top Lender @kellykeogh rotated the item 21 times throughout the year with it being a hit during Wedding Season!

Why do you think it’s a Rotator favourite?
"Not only does it make everyone that wears it feel amazing, it's also really hard to get hold of here in the U.K. And with it being such a fun and statement piece, renting is the perfect way to take it out for a spin- without the heavy financial commitment (and import fees)." - Kelly Keogh

That's a wrap of this year's Top 5 rentals, however these rentals weren't far off.

Rent Self Portrait, Needle & Thread, 16Arlington, Reformation, Kitri 

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