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Jess's Top Tips For Running Your Rental Side Hustle From Home

. 4 min read . Written by By Rotation
Jess's Top Tips For Running Your Rental Side Hustle From Home

Looking to enhance your rental wardrobe? We spoke to our Top Lender @jesswithdresses on her top tips for making her fashion rental side hustle work alongside everyday life.

Scroll down to find out how you can elevate your own rental side hustle and head to the app to rent Jess's wardrobe!

1. Make your side hustle part of your daily schedule. ⏰
When I get home from work I give myself 30 minutes from 6:30-7pm to work on my rental business, whether that’s messaging renters, packaging rentals to go out, or sorting out postage for the following day.

2. Enter your spreadsheet era. 📈
I’ve got a spreadsheet which shows my rental income, return on investment, and my personal cost per wear of each piece in my wardrobe. It was an investment in time to build but now I understand more about what myself and others love to wear. It means I buy less often and when I do buy it’s a much more considered purchase. Knowing that I can rent pieces as well as wear them myself means I’m more confident in investing in higher end quality pieces.

3. Use services that save you time & money. 💰
Use the Royal Mail App to buy postage to send out your rentals - it’s 50p cheaper than buying it in the post office and saves you the trip. Use Royal Mail Special Delivery by 1pm to get insurance that covers the full value of your item and has guaranteed next day delivery by 1pm. Book a free collection and your postie will pick your parcel up from your front door. Use a dry cleaner who will pick up and drop off at your door too and you can operate your side hustle without having to leave the house! I use ihateironing who have a £20 min spend, and if you sign up here we’ll both get £10 of dry cleaning credit!

4. Find a great seamstress to keep your popular rental items in great shape. 👗
My long floaty Ba&sh dresses need a bit of TLC every now and again. I use The Seam to connect to experienced Makers who can magic away any signs of wear & tear. I honestly believe that no item is ever beyond the point of repair and we should all embrace a culture of care. You can use BYROTATION20 for 20% off when you checkout on your repair too!

5. As you start to scale, invest in ways to save more time & money. 🖨
For example, start out by printing your postage labels on your regular printer and as your rentals start to come in, put some of the money you earn aside to save up for the gadgets that will make things quicker and easier. For instance, the printer I have which uses thermal labels so I never need to worry about running out of ink, and I can quickly print labels straight from my phone: MUNBYN Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer with my MUNBYN Thermal Labels!

6. Reuse packaging when sending your rental pieces. ♻️
Keep any packaging that comes to your house and reuse it to send out rentals - the aim of the game is sustainability so they won’t be surprised to receive something in re-used packaging.

7. Be a renter yourself to experience the process & find opportunities to stand out as a lender. 💕
Use By Rotation as a renter as well as a lender so you can understand the full customer experience end to end. Identify the moments where there’s opportunity to delight your own renters so you stand out. It’s also a great way to experiment with your personal style!

8. Make friends with other lenders in the By Rotation community so you can share & learn from each other’s experiences. 👭
After all, it’s the community of people that make By Rotation so special!

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