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What To Rent For Your Summer Holiday

. 3 min read . Written by By Rotation
What To Rent For Your Summer Holiday

You’ve finally decided on a destination, booked your travel, found a place to stay, compiled a list of hotspots to visit and the final countdown to your holiday has officially begun - the only thing left to do? Pack. But as you open your closet you realise that you don’t actually own that many nice summer clothes (you live in the UK after all), or maybe the excitement of a new destination, the prospect of meeting new people makes what you already own feel wrong, or somehow out of place in the holiday pictures you’ve already created in your head. That’s not holiday you, that’s sunday-at-my-local-park-on-a-sunny-day you, which is just not the right vibe. We know it can be tempting to rush to your nearest high street and browse the shops for the perfect holiday you dress or beach bag, but that often means leaving a significant dent in your wallet, which is never ideal before going on holiday, and is of course not sustainable.

A recent article by the Guardian revealed that Brits will spend £2.7bn on more than 50m summer outfits that will be worn only once. A scary stat, considering the short lifetime of the garment, which is why renting holiday pieces is your best option. This way you can significantly save money, wear beautiful quality pieces (that have probably been on your wishlist for a long time anyway) and return them to their lender at the end of the holiday with a clean conscience because you haven’t added to landfill waste.

To help you make the process of picking your favourite items to pack even easier, we’ve taken the liberty of selecting a few items we think will make great travel buddies. Here’s our selection:

The statement dress

Innika Choo dress in blue/lilac available to rent for £17 a day and in yellow available to rent from £30 (for a minimum of three days).

The maxi dress

Ganni floral chiffon dress available to rent from £36; Faithfull The Brand dress available to rent from £30, Ghost floral maxi available to rent from £24

The floral dress

Realisation Par ‘Valentina Daisy’ dress available to rent from £15; Realisation Par ‘Juliet Rouge Fleur’ dress available to rent from £15; Realisation Par ‘Alexandra’ dress available to rent from £15

The ultimate beach bag

Nannacay raffia beach bag available to rent from £8.

The evening mini bags

Mykonos ‘limone’ bag available to rent from £7; Jacquemus ‘Le Chiquito’ bag available to rent from £10.