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Why We're Called By Rotation: Earth Day 2024

. 1 min read . Written by By Rotation
Why We're Called By Rotation: Earth Day 2024

To celebrate Earth Day 2024, we're launching a super exciting app feature to further focus on By Rotation's mission to spread awareness around the circular economy. Hear directly from our Founder & CEO Eshita Kabra and find out on why we’re called By Rotation! 👛

"I came up with the idea for By Rotation during my honeymoon in India where I saw a lot of textile waste, I couldn't help but think why not we create a community where we can rent and lend fashion with each other?”

Eshita on her Honeymoon researching the fashion rental landscape - screenshot from her spreadsheet back in 2019.

“Today, we now have over half a million users in the UK & US, over 120,000 peer-to-peer listings worth $60 million."

"We’re excited to announce today on Earth Day our new wallet feature: you can use the income you've made from renting out your clothes and use it towards renting from others. And that is why we're called By Rotation.

What does this mean for Rotators? You can now keep your style in a constant rotation from lending your past wedding guest dresses to booking your next holiday rental.

Download the app now to book your next rental.