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At The Studio With Abisola Omole

. 3 min read . Written by By Rotation
At The Studio With Abisola Omole

Meet Abi, the London-based Creative Director and CEO has been a long-time Rotator with an impeccable wardrobe (which of course you can now rent). During a recent visit to the studio she shared why she's rotating her wardrobe, how she hopes to change the industry through her work as contributor to Harper's Bazaar US and her app favourites.

Abi wearing a rented Tara Zadeh backpack from the app, rent it next from £15

First thing you do in the morning?
I have a mini routine I try to stick to and even if I don’t complete it all, I definitely do most elements. It goes like this:

  • Pray & Meditate for around 10-15mins
  • Grab a juice or ginger shot and write down any thoughts. It’s not necessarily a diary entry, it’s more like anything that’s on my mind, any ideas I’ve had, things I want to check out etc.
  • Then I have a sound bath though usually these days instead of having a specific 10-20 min sound bath, I’ve found myself playing sound baths in the background whilst I work, shower etc, so that the general grounding qualities are constantly with me as my mind has been racing a lot more than usual recently.
  • At some point I look at my phone, mostly as it controls so many things in my house (speakers, lights etc) but I try to get through all of the above before check emails or social media — naturally on some days I can’t help it.
Abi wearing from Club M her wardrobe, available to rent from £10 in UK20

Why are you sharing your wardrobe with our community?
I think we are all guilty of having bought items for specific events in the past and then never having re-worn them again. Combine this with the fact that it’s a great way for me to play a small part in ensuring that plus size women can have more options within the world of sustainable fashion & peer to peer rentals in general.

Abi is wearing Reformation, available to rent from £9 in UK20

On your role as a Harper's Bazaar contributor, what change do you want to drive in the fashion industry?
The normality of seeing plus size fashion, creators, clothing etc in high fashion spaces. It should all be alongside each other and so for me I want perceptions changed so it’s not looked at as niche, but instead it’s seen as a part of the day to day industries offering.

Top investment piece?
Well I usually spend the most on coats. I’ll buy on main coat per season and it’ll become my signature coat for at least a year.

Rent Abi's Edit and own wardrobe on the app here.

Want to get to know Abi better? Watch out IG Live Q&A with her here and read our interview for International Women's Day here.