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In conversation with... Marine Tanguy

. 3 min read . Written by By Rotation
In conversation with... Marine Tanguy

To celebrate International Women's Day, founder Eshita Kabra spoke to the leading women who inspire her about career advice, mentorship, rotating and more.

Marine is wearing a Sister Jane dress available to rent from £4

In our second instalment of the series, she spoke to Marine Tanguy, founder and CEO of the first artist agency in the world, MTArt, which she is now running with a newborn son, Atlas (needles to say the BR team fell in love).

Which women are you inspired by?
Simone Veil - she was brave and had so much empathy despite the toughest start to life in the concentration camps and loosing half her family in it. She went on to vote the regulation that allowed women to abort and fight for the EU. She helps me to stand up for what I believe in when hurt or attacked.

What form does mentorship take for you?
It is helping someone becoming who he/she dreamed to be.

What advice has changed your life?
‘Careful, everyone has a net in your sector and you don’t’. My parents couldn’t support me and I was in a sector where most people did have parents supporting them - 90% of people in my sector are from privileged backgrounds. I had to build a business that was sustainable.

Social media has a bit of a bad rep in terms of mental health and, but equally has helped so many of us build our personal brand or business, what is your approach to Instagram / what role does it play in your life?
I gave a TEDx Talk on that topic and I founded the movement: Visual Diet (on Instagram too). I wanted people to be aware that the visuals they consume affect them, positively or negatively and that the curation of who we follow matters - not only for our mental health but also for the impact it has on who we give a voice to and what influence we create, for which kind of visuals.  I love Instagram. I love connecting with people and building communities.

Marine is wearing a Sister Jane dress, available to rent from £4

If you were to write a tweet to your younger self what would you say?
You will wake up one day and live the life of your imagination. Keep working and dreaming.

What can we expect to see next from you?
MTArt Agency to grow and grow and grow : )

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