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Meet the Rotators: Nandini Mullaji

. 2 min read . Written by By Rotation
Meet the Rotators: Nandini Mullaji

Meet Nandini Mullaji, the Founder of NYC's coolest dating app @join.setup, launnching in January 2024. A fashion lover for all bright and bold pieces, Nandini is your go-to Rotator when it comes to dating and your wardrobe!

Scroll down to find out more about her curated style & head to the app to rent Nandini's wardrobe next.

Describe your style in 3 words...
Bold, bright and unique!

What do you love most about By Rotation?
Wearing all the Cult Gaia pieces that I can't justify buying myself but absolutely love! 💕 �

Tell us more about Setup...
Setup is the coolest dating app coming soon to NYC, where we set you up on a first date with a person and a reservation. You can trust that the reservations will be great because I have gone to literally every restaurant in the city (I don't know how to cook so I eat out for every meal, oops).

Quick Fire Round...

Kiss, Marry, Kill: Fashion Edition
Kiss: shoes and bags with rhinestones
Marry: matching sets of any kind or a dramatic sleeves!
Kill: low-rise jeans or quiet luxury (I love being loud and bold)

Dream destination?
Someone needs to invite me to Paris fashion week! Or South Africa. 🏝

Star sign?
Scorpio ♏️

What are you currently loving?
Ayurvedic-inspired products (aavrani, fable and mane), maxi skirts of any kind, hosting themed dinner parties, Barbiecore and Self Destruction Mode by the Chainsmokers!

What is on your rental wishlist?
I love both the Cult Gaia Feather dress and Hera Nano Shoulder Bag. 👛

Head to the app to rent Nandini's wardrobe.